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Venerdì, 16 Novembre 2018
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giovedì, 29 giugno 2017 - BRUXELLES

The future of Europe and Globalization

On March the 1st 2017, the European Commission presented a White Paper on the future of Europe, as a starting point for a wide ranging debate on the Union’s future with 27, identifying the key challenges Europe is facing and presenting five different scenarios for how Europe could evolve by 2025.

To further contribute to the discussion, the European Commission is putting forward a number of reflection papers on key topics that will define the coming years. Last May the 10th 2017, Vice President Katainen presented on behalf of the European Commission the “Reflection paper on harnessing globalization”, aiming to make a fair and evidence-based assessment of what globalization means for European business and citizens and opening up a vital debate on what the EU can do to shape globalization in line with its shared interests and values and how the EU can best harness globalization and respond to its opportunities and challenges.

On the external front, the paper focuses on the need to shape a truly sustainable global order, based on shared rules and a common agenda, envisaging a leading role for the EU in pushing for new rules to create a level-playing field by addressing harmful and unfair behaviors like tax evasion, government subsidies or social dumping and fostering effective trade defense instruments and a multilateral investment court allowing to act decisively against countries or companies that engage in unfair practices. On the domestic front, the paper suggests tools to protect and empower citizens through robust social policies and providing the necessary training support throughout their lives. Progressive tax policies, investing in innovation and strong welfare policies could all help redistribute wealth more fairly, while the use of EU structural funds and the EU Globalization Adjustment Fund can help mitigate negative impacts.

Since the beginning of his mandate in the current term Vice President Katainen has been the strongest advocate for creating an investment friendly environment in Europe, supporting innovation, competitiveness, growth opportunities and stimulating investments with instruments like the Investment Plan for Europe, the EFSI and the External Investment Plan.


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  • Jyrki Katainen

    Vice President European Commission